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36 Years Of Superior Fiber Optic Services And Products







Pearson Technologies Inc. has no vested interests or relationships with any manufacturer. Because we have maintained this independent position for 36 years, we are able to make unbiased recommendations. We provide our clients with the information and the recommendations that are best for our clients, not best for Pearson Technologies Inc.

Because of this independence, you can be certain that we will make recommendations that are in your best interests, not those of Pearson Technologies Inc.

Frequently, we are asked to perform an action that will not let our client achieve his goal. In this situation, we recommend against that action, even if our recommendation reduces our charges to our client.

One of my favorite statements is: I will be glad to spend your money, but I do not believe that this expense will help you achieve your objective. (Mr. E. R. Pearson to attorney client). No client has persisted after I have explained my reasons for this statement.



Our 36 years and wide range of activities enables Pearson Technologies Inc. to provide answers to questions and solutions to challenges rapidly.

As an example, a client asked Pearson Technologies Inc. whether we could develop a proof of principle˛ structural sensor. Since we had developed fiber optic cables, in which the cable structure makes the fiber insensitive to the environment and its stresses, we knew exactly how to do the opposite. That is, we knew how to make a cable structure that made the fiber sensitive to stresses. We were able to provide a sensor design and structure, quickly and efficiently.



Because we often know exactly how to start an assignment, and may have handled a similar assignment, we are able to offer solutions that achieve the goal without excessive investment.

As an example, we designed a tension control device for a client. The device cost the client $45 to build. After 3.5 years of use, it became appropriate to replace the device. The purchased replacement device cost $1500. Our focus is high ROI, whether it is our own investment or our client investment.


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