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36 Years Of Superior Fiber Optic Services And Products






‘Eric is that rare breed of individual who combines outstanding technical expertise with a calm and patient way of communicating complex information in a readily understandable way that allows both the highly technical expert as well as non technical managers to understand the concepts and the underlying science of optical networking.’ Mr. Chris Hitch, Manager, Global Knowledge


‘Few individuals in the fiber optic business are more knowledgeable about fiber termination than Eric Pearson. Eric takes a very scientific approach to what many consider an art; trying to understand what works and why. The result is he often develops a termination process with lower losses and higher yield that can then be taught to others in his classes.’ Jim Hayes, former President and Founder, Fotec


‘Mr. Pearson put together a sales training plan that was complete, thorough and professional. His unique insights into the fiber optic market were invaluable in making the training a resounding success. I would highly recommend his services to anyone dealing with fiber optics today’. Business Manager, fiber optic product manufacturer (name withheld by request)


“Eric Pearson served as an expert in a case where I represented a fiber optic installation contractor, Right Of Way Broadband, Inc., in a dispute with a large Seattle-area developer, Port Blakely Communities. Mr. Pearson was one of the very best experts I ever worked with. His response time was extraordinary. Not only did he have an obvious sophisticated understanding of the technical issues involved with fiber optic networks, but he was also able to communicate his understanding of the facts and his opinions in a way that a layperson could easily understand. During his deposition, Mr. Pearson listened carefully to the questions being asked by opposing counsel and gave thoughtful, concise responses.

I found Mr. Pearson’s time and fees to be very reasonable, and he understood the economic ramifications of his work and billing to my client. Finally, I would add that Mr. Pearson’s opinions remained consistent throughout the litigation, a predictability that is a true asset with an expert. I would strongly recommend Mr. Pearson as an expert.” Timothy J Warzecha, PLLC, Seattle WA


‘I found Mr. Pearson to be most professional in all of his pre class communications. He also has great command of the subject matter he presents. Pearson Technologies has provided training for the Cinergy Corporation on two separate occasions and I would call him again. I highly recommend Eric Pearson and Pearson Technologies for all of your fiber optic training needs.’ Gayle N. Rotsching, Carrier & SCADA Test Supervisor, Cinergy Corporation


‘Mr. Pearson's understanding of fiber optics technology and processes, from cable production to operation of the communications system was an important part of litigation preparations. A great deal of effort and expense was saved by being able to identify the real issues while disregarding dead-end leads. Mr. Pearson was able to educate and guide counsel through technical subject matter under unique circumstances.’ Attorney client (name withheld by request)


‘Mr. Pearson's course was clear, concise, and understandable. His classes and exercises were totally relevant, and were structured to provide learning reinforcement to each other. This resulted in a level of learning not usually achieved in a course of comparable length.’ Bruce Barney, Las Vegas Valley Water District


‘Eric Pearson (Pearson Technologies Inc.), in my own words performed an excellent job in teaching the fiber optics training. I was very impressed with his professionalism, expertise, and passion he expressed in teaching this class. Eric was well equipped with materials, equipment and training literature for the class. I would give him a high recommendation.’ Jim Wischmeyer, Las Vegas Valley Water District


‘Class was competitively priced and offered the most hands-on opportunities of those I researched. The staff I sent to the class enjoyed to opportunity to learn/refine fiber optic skills. I attribute this to Eric's personal instructional style and appropriate mix of theory and hands-on course content.’ Stephen M. Anderson, Electrical Supervisor, Las Vegas Valley Water District


‘I want to thank you for your tremendous efforts in our Fiber Training Sessions you conducted this past year. You've gained the utmost respect of the whole organization. I am confident that this training will position (our) sales team as a premier force in the market place.’ VP Sales, fiber optic product manufacturer


‘I have attended his Fiber Optic Design classes; he is very knowledgeable and has many year’ experience in this field.’ Ronald E. Shaver, RCDD, NTS, OPS, WD, RTPM, TEHC, CT


‘In January 2009, my company arranged for fiber optic training course through Eric Pearson of Pearson Technologies. Eric provided my techs with a custom splicing course in which my personnel were required to do preparatory reading and pass an examination for certification of Certified Fiber Optic Specialist [CFOS/S] and Certified Fiber Optic Technician [CFOT] as administered by the Fiber Optic Association. As a business owner, I appreciated the value I felt I was getting for my money by Eric holding my employees accountable for their training time.

I found Eric to be knowledgeable instructor with many decades of experience in the fiber optics industry. The class sizes were intimate so my people had plenty of one on one with Eric and the classrooms were comfortable.

I would recommend Eric to any company seeking a trained, certified fiber optic technical force.’ Rayph Sayer, New Concept Technologies.


Comments from on a 2013, five-day, presentation to US Navy personnel in Naples Italy.

‘The course was outstanding.’

‘All the information provided in this course will be put to good use on the job.’

‘Mr. Pearson was an amazing instructor.’

‘It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to take this class.’

‘Extremely knowledgeable and a great instructor. !!’

‘This will tremendously help our command and save significantly as we have to contract out all of the fiber work.’

‘Instructor is very knowledgeable and makes the information easy to understand.’

‘Mr. Pearson was absolutely perfect. He is very knowledgeable and he gave us

the tools needed to be successful in fiber optics.’

‘Great discussion with great contact made coming to class a joy!’

‘The balance of lecture/lab is great.’


‘Thanks for your training last week. We got a lot out of it.’ (name withheld)





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