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36 Years Of Superior Fiber Optic Services And Products




We have been involved in 18 legal actions, resulting in 8 depositions.

In our legal work, we start with the legal position that the attorney intends to take. With knowledge of this position, we develop the strongest technical statements that support the legal position. Our focus is creation of statements that are true; i.e.,’bullet proof’. We do not undertake, or continue, an assignment if we do not believe, or find we cannot believe, that the technical data support the legal position.


Patent lawsuits: we have assisted attorneys in lawsuits concerning defense of infringement and prosecution of infringement. All five suits were settled to the satisfaction of our clients.

Product liability lawsuits: we have assisted attorneys in establishing a case of liability against a manufacturer whose product proved defective after installation. Our client won at trial.

Installation lawsuits: we have assisted attorneys in four lawsuits involving installation organizations. Pearson Technologies knowledge of fiber optic products and proper installation methods enabled adequate defense of the positions of the installers.

Damage and liability lawsuits: we have assisted clients in assessing and reducing the cost of damage and liability in eight cases of conflict between installers and end users.