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36 Years Of Superior Fiber Optic Services And Products





Professional Fiber Optic Installation-The Essentials For Success, v.9 ISBN 978-1500792237

This 334-page text is a comprehensive presentation of the knowledge and methods needed to be successful in fiber optic installation activities. Useful as both a training text and field manual, this text covers the knowledge of fiber optic products and their performances. In addition, this text provides and the specific methods of cable, connector, and splice installation required to achieve the three goals of installation: low power loss, low installation cost, and high reliability. Finally, this text presents the testing methods required to verify proper and reliable installation. The review questions in this text enable trainees to pass four of the Fiber Optic Association certification examinations: CFOT, CFOS/C, CFOS/T, and CFOS/S.

To purchase multiple copies at a discount for training, trainers can contact Pearson Technologies Inc. at 770-490-9991. Also available to trainers is a pdf of the instructorÕs guide with answers to the review questions.


PowerPoint Slides For Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v9: The Essentials For Success ISBN 978-1503224971

This text contains the PowerPoint slides for Chapters 1-20 of Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v.9. These slides contain the main concepts and figures. This text is a useful as a hand out, as trainees can follow the slides more easily than following a presentation in the text.

To purchase multiple copies at a discount for training, trainers can contact Pearson Technologies Inc. at 770-490-9991. Trainers who use this slide book can receive the PowerPoint slide files developed from Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v.9. For the slides, call 770-490-9991.


Mastering The OTDR-Trace Acquisition And Interpretation, ISBN 978-1466429291

This comprehensive text instructs the reader to; set up the OTDR, to make traces, to properly interpret traces, and to make accurate measurements. In addition, this text enables the user to develop advanced skills in OTDR testing and interpretation.


Mastering Fiber Optic Connector Installation- The Guide To Low Loss, Low Cost, And High Reliability, ISBN 978-1466470699

This unique text contains the knowledge and the step-by-step instructions for installing, inspecting, and evaluating fiber optic connectors by four methods: epoxy, Hot Melt adhesive, quick cure adhesive, and cleave and crimp.


Mastering Fiber Optic Network Design, ISBN 978-1469931296

This unique text guides the trainee through the fiber optic network design process. The text identifies 14 easy-to-understand steps, starting with identification of the standards to be transmitted and ending with calculation of acceptance values for the installed links. The intermediate steps identify the potential components [fibers, cables, connectors, etc.], their advantages, and their typical performances. The final step is development of a complete design package.

From the standards to be transmitted and a map of the network, one develops a design package that defines: the products to be used, the performance specifications for each product, the method of connector installation, the acceptance requirements the installer must meet, and a total cost estimate. One evaluates multiple connector installation methods to determine the method that provides the lowest total installed cost.


Mastering Fiber Optic Network Design: Presentation Slides, ISBN 978-1466470699

This text contains the PowerPoint slides created from the key points and graphics in Mastering Fiber Optic Network Design.


Fiber Optic Communications For Beginners: The BasicsISBN 978-1517789022 

This 42-page, introductory text is designed for those interested in a brief overview of fiber optic communications. This text provides a framework on which the student can organize additional, detailed knowledge. It is not designed to be comprehensive.  
The words in bold print are the important technical terms. Recognition of these terms is essential to understanding the subtleties of this powerful and exciting technology. 
This text is a result of this authorÕs 38 years in fiber optic communications. During this time, this author has trained more than 8900 people in more than 530 presentations


Certification and Troubleshooting Fiber Optic NetworksISBN 978-1479100200

This 57-page manual is designed for use in FiberProª 1, FiberProª 2, and FiberProª 3. Trainees record the results of their activities. These activities include troubleshooting, range testing, connector evaluations, insertion loss testing, acceptance value calculations, and OTDR trace interpretations. Finally, this manual includes study guides for the FOA CFOT certification examination.



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