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4 Benefits of Certification












The 4 Advantages of Certified Installation Personnel

4 Benefits of Certification

Fiber Optic Association certification has four benefits: reduced cost, increased reliability, improved interpretation of performance, and improved marketing of installation services.

Reduced cost results from reductions in both errors during installation and the time required for the installation activities.

Increased reliability results from following the installation methods and rules that are appropriate for the specific products. Subtle errors in installation, such as inadequate adhesive in connectors or bend radius violations, reduce reliability. Such reduced reliability may not become evident for months, and even years, after installation.

Managers experience improved interpretation of the performance of installers. This improvement results from comparison of field performance to whether or not the installer passed the certification examination.

Improved marketing of installation services results when an installation service provider offers services performed by FOA certified installation personnel while the competition does not.

These four benefits result from the knowledge that the FOA Certification Process requires and demonstrates.

At both basic (CFOT) and advanced (CFOS/x) levels, the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) process of certification requires knowledge, examination, and hands-on experience or training. Certified personnel demonstrate such knowledge and experience by passing the certification examination.

One final matter: for 12 years, Mr. Eric R Pearson, developer and presenter of Pearson Technologies training programs, was a Director of the FOA. During that time, he coordinated the development of the first four certification examinations. From this experience, he developed programs that focus on enabling trainees to pass the FOA certification examinations.

The FOA Certification Process

During the last 21 years, the FOA developed its certification process with the effort of its Board of Directors and Board of Advisors. These two boards, with a total experience of more than 230 combined years in fiber optic communications, defined the knowledge required to be successful during installation. No other organization has applied this amount and level of experience to develop an unbiased certification process.

This knowledge, codified in Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v.10: The Essentials and the FOA Installers Manual, represents the unbiased knowledge required to perform the installation actions properly and with high reliability.

Personnel who pass the FOA closed-book examinations demonstrate their mastery of this knowledge.

The FOA AFOT and three CFOS certifications require development and demonstration of skills and abilities, either through hands-on training or field experience. The CFOS certification demonstrates the presence of these skills and abilities through the requirement for specific repetitions of the key installation activities. With such demonstration through activities, personnel will exhibit reduced time wasted in errors and reduced time spent in the installation activities.

The FOA certification process requires the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities. With such development, personnel will perform their installation activities in accordance with appropriate rules and proper procedures. Such performance can serve only to maximize installed reliability.

As of 11/2017, the FOA has certified more than 79,000 personnel in 40 countries.

The Benefit of PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES' Certification Training

PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES' installation training and skill development programs are compliant with the superior certification process created and administered by the Fiber Optic Association. In fact, many of the aspects of this certification process were modeled on PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES' basic and advanced training programs. These basic programs began in 1990. These advanced programs began in 1993 and 1994, prior to the formation of the FOA, in response to requests from NASA contractors and military organizations. In addition, the FOA has approved and chosen Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v.10 - The Essentials as the reference text for the CFOS certifications. In summary, attendance at PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES' programs enables the attendee to receive six FOA certifications, as indicated below.

Certification Program
CFOT FiberPro 1
CFOT, CFOS/C FiberPro 1-2
CFxT FiberPro 1x
CFOS/C FiberPro 2
CFOS/T FiberPro 3
CFOS/S FiberPro 4

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