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Benefits from Pearson Technologies' Services

Part 1: General Benefits

Unbiased Information

PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES has no vested interests or relationships with any manufacturer. Because we have maintained this independent position for 38 years, we are able to make unbiased recommendations. We provide our clients with the information and the recommendations that are best for our clients, not best for PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES. Because of this independence, you can be certain that we will make recommendations that are in your best interests, not those of PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES.

We recommend products, only when we have knowledge of the products from our fieldwork or training. We make no guesses.

Frequently, we are asked to perform an action that will not let our client achieve his goal. In this situation, we recommend against that action, even if our recommendation reduces the charges to our client. A frequent quote often heard in our offices is: "I will be glad to spend your money, but I do not believe that this expense will help you achieve your objective." No client has persisted after we have explained our reasons for this negative recommendation.

Save Time

Our 38 years of experience and a wide range of activities enable PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES to provide answers to questions and solutions to challenges rapidly.

As an example, a client asked PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES whether we could develop a proof of principle structural sensor. Since we had developed fiber optic cables, in which the cable structure makes the fiber insensitive to the environment and its stresses, we knew how to do exactly the opposite. That is, we knew how to make a cable structure that made the fiber sensitive to stresses. We were able to provide a sensor design and structure quickly and efficiently.

Save Money

Because we often know exactly how to start an assignment, and may have handled a similar assignment, we are able to offer solutions that achieve the goal without excessive investment.

As an example, we designed a tension control device for a client. The device cost the client $45 to build. After 3.5 years of use, it became appropriate to replace the device. The purchased replacement device cost $1500. Our focus is high ROI, whether it is our own investment or our client's investment.

PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES Professional Fiber Optics

Part 2: 11 Benefits From Pearson Technologies’ Training


Training can be training, good training, or excellent training. Pearson Technologies Inc. provides excellent training only.

There are two reasons we make this statement. The first reason is that clients tell us our training is excellent. But we do not expect you to take our word: read their words. (Client Comments)

The second reason is that our client satisfaction is clearly demonstrated by their requests for repeated training. It is obvious to us, as it will be to you, that clients will not request repeated training unless they are fully satisfied.

We present a list of repeated training to military and government organizations (Government & Military Clients). Together, government and commercial clients have requested and received a total of 207 repeat training sessions.

As detailed below, excellent training results from 11 features of the Pearson Technologies’ programs. 

Excellent training results in a reduction in future costs that exceed the cost of the training. Pearson Technologies Inc. training is an excellent investment.

1. Choose The Training You Want

From more than 20 courses, you learn the subjects and skills you need: cable installation and testing; connector installation and testing; splicing; system design; developing component specifications; and troubleshooting. With our 27 years in training, we can provide you with almost any combination of subjects and skills you require. 

2. Choose The Skill Level You Want

You choose from basic, advanced, and professional levels of training. 

3. Receive Excellent Training!

Hands-on training is the best way to be successful! In Pearson Technologies’ training, you spend most of your time on learning by doing. Because we provide a significant amount of equipment, you spend little time waiting for shared equipment. Not all trainers provide as much equipment as we do. You learn without waiting for shared equipment.  0ver $70,000 in training equipment, without waiting for shared equipment. 

4. Receive Training From Experts

You will learn effectively from an instructor who is recognized as an expert in his field.

BICSI and the Fiber Optic Association have recognized Eric R Pearson as a ‘Master Instructor’. He has received advanced FOA Certifications, CFOT, CFOS/C, CFOS/T, CFOS/S, and CFOS/I. Mr. Pearson was a founding Director of the FOA.

You learn skills from a professional who has developed and field tested these techniques. 

5. Learn Volumes Of Practical Information

We have packed our courses with the practical, subtle and useful information you need. This information comes from 30 years of doing what you will need to do: designing systems, specifying components, and installing and testing cables and connectors. This information is not available from any other source. 

6. Learn How To Make Good Decisions

Avoid confusion! From the information, alternatives and guidelines you learn, you will be able to choose the solution best suited to your needs.

7. Receive Comprehensive And Well-Developed Notes

Avoid frantic note taking. With our extensive notes, you relax and focus on understanding and learning the materials. These comprehensive notes will become valuable references, which you will use long after you have finished the course.

For example, basic and advanced installation program attendees receive three texts:

1.    Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v10 (494 pages)
2.    PowerPoint Slides for Professional Fiber Optic Installation, v9 (276 pages)
3.    Certification and Troubleshooting Fiber Optic Networks (54 pages).

8. Receive Unbiased Information

Design or choose with knowledge of cable, connector, and splice performances to create networks with increased reliability. For 18 years, Pearson Technologies design programs have provided such knowledge.

9. Save Time

You receive a large amount of well organized, easily understandable, essential, and significant information. Because of our 33 years of developing fiber optic training, Pearson Technologies presents fiber optic training in half the time required by other training programs! You save time and reduce the time and cost of personnel being out of office.

10. Save Money

Many times your investment! Save money 3 ways: learn how to avoid mistakes, to reduce maintenance costs and to avoid overspending.

11. Become Certified

Standard presentations enable passing the FOA examinations for 4 certifications:

1.    CFOT (Certified Fiber Optic Technician)
2.    CFOS/O (Certified Fiber Optic Specialist, Outside Plant)
3.    CFOS/S (Certified Fiber Optic Specialist, Splicing)
4.    CFOS/C (Certified Fiber Optic Specialist, Connector Installation)
5.    CFOS/T (Certified Fiber Optic Specialist, Testing).

Custom presentations enable passing 7 additional Specialist examinations.