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Significant & Extensive Fiber Optic Experience

Eric R. Pearson, CFOS/T/S/C/I

Years In Fiber Optics 40
Fiber Optic Presentations: 554
Number of Trainees: 8918
Recognitions FOA Master Instructor
BICSI Master Instructor
FOA Founder & Director (1995-2007)
Editorial Advisor, Fiberoptic Product News (1985-2002)
Connectors Installed or Supervised >50,064
Insertion Loss Tests Supervised >104,256
OTDR traces made or supervised >30,266
Fusion splices made or supervised >9,315
Military Presentations >144
Lawsuit Actions Supported 31
Books In Print 13

Technical Assignments


• Developed Optical Fiber Manufacturing Capability (Times Fiber Communications, Corning Inc.)
• Developed Optical Cable Manufacturing Capability (Times Fiber Communications, Whitmor Waveguides)
• Developed Optical Cable Assembly Operations for Three Clients
• Designed 200 Fiber Cables
• Developed Fiber & Cable Manufacturing Equipment
• Designed the First 50-Fiber Cable for Plenum Use (Strategic Defense Initiative Headquarters)
• Designed 32 FO Transmission Systems
• Designed & Developed Field Installation Equipment
• Managed & Performed Field Installations
• Created More than 18 Fiber Optic Training Programs
• Created 20 Fiber Optic Training Manuals
• Made More than 540 Fiber Optic Presentations
• Provided Support in 18 Lawsuits
• Trained More than 8900 in Fiber Optic Communications

Marketing Assignments


• Developed a Profitable Multi-Million Dollar Cable & Assembly Business Unit (Whitmor Waveguides)
• Assisted Fiber, Cable, & Connector Companies in Evaluation of Potential Entry into Market
• Assisted in Evaluations of Purchase of Businesses
• Conducted a Confidential Survey of Reputation
• Assisted Companies in Evaluation of Market Opportunities for Products to Be Supplied to the Fiber Optic Industry
• Conducted the First Market Study of Plastic Optical Fibers (POF)

Eric R Pearson

Founder's Experience

Mr. Eric R. Pearson, CFOS/C/T/S/I has been active in fiber optics for 38 years, 36 as president of PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES. His consulting work, training work, and publications have earned him an excellent technical reputation.

For 12 years (1995-2007), Mr. Pearson was a director of the Fiber Optic Association (FOA). His responsibilities included the development of the certification process and examinations. He has been recognized as an FOA Master Instructor.

For 15 years (1999-2014), Mr. Pearson was a BICSI Master Instructor and developer of FO110: Fiber Optic Network Design.

He is listed in: Who's Who Worldwide, Who's Who of Business Leaders, Who's Who in Technology and Who's Who in California. He has written approximately 100 articles, reports, and presentations. He is frequently quoted in fiber optic and related trade journals. From 1986-2002, he was a member on the Editorial Advisory Board for Fiber Optic Product News.

Mr. Pearson has two degrees in Metallurgy and Materials Science: a Bachelor of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Science from Case Western Reserve University.

Partial List of Publications & Presentations:

• The Characteristics & Trends of the Non-Telco FO Product Market, 1986
• Overview of the Non-Telco Optical Fiber Manufacturing Market, 1986
• Profit Opportunities in the Fiber Optic Service Market, 1986
• A Review of Non-Telco Optical Cable Market, 1986
• Profit Opportunities in the Non-Telco Optoelectronics Market, 1986
• The Non-Telco Fiber Optic Connector Market, 1986
• Profit Opportunities in the Non-Telco Fiber Optic Transmission Market, 1986
• A Practical Introduction to Using Fiber Optic Transmission, 1986
• Proper Installation of Fiber Optic Connectors, 1986, a "100" Video
• The Economic Tradeoffs of Fiber vs. Copper in Non-Telco Applications, 1986
• Using Fiber Optics-Misconceptions & Realities, 1986
• Designing Your Fiber Optic System for Less, 1989, 102 Pages
• The Decision Maker's Handbook to Practical & Hard-to-Find Fiber Optic Information, 1989, 118 Pages, 29 Tables, 17 Figures
• The Decision Maker's Guide to Designing Your Fiber Optic System, 1989
• "Reversing Harmful Trends in the Fiber optics Industry," Mr. Eric R. Pearson, Fiber Optic Product News, March/April 1986, P.28
• "Choosing Fiber optic Connectors," Mr. Eric R. Pearson, Fiber Optic Product News, September/October 1986, P.36-40
• "Fiber-Optic Cos. Must Develop Range of Cost-Effective Products," Mr. Eric R. Pearson, Communications Week, 2/17/86, P.14
• "Adding Fiber Optics to Your Business," Mr. Eric R. Pearson, Sound & Video Contractor, January 1987
• "Adding Fiber Optics to Your Business," R.E.P., March 1988.
• "Specifying Optical Fiber Cable Should Start with 3 Questions," Lightwave, October 1984, P. 15
• "Choices in Cable: Specifiers Weigh Tradeoffs," Lightwave, 2/1985, P.16
• "Fiber Myths," LAN Magazine, June 1987, P.20-21
• "Fiber's Low Growth Rate," Data Communications, June 1986, P. 307-309
• "The Practical Perspective," Fiber Optic Product News, 4/1988- 3/1989
• "Practicalities: Tips on Using Fiber Optics," 10/1987-11/1988.
• "Choosing between ST & SMA Connectors," Connection Technology, February 1988, P.33
• "Cost Comparisons of Fiber Optic Cable Designs," Connection Technology, April 1988, P.31
• "The Impact of Fiber Choice on Cable Cost," Connection Technology, November 1988, P.40
• Atlantic Tech, Monthly Articles in March 1989 -April 1990
• Article on Installation Market, Lightwave Journal, June 1989
• Article on Adding Installation to Business for Electrical Contractors, Electrical Contractor, October 1991
• How to Specify & Choose Fiber Optic Cables, 1991
• How to Specify & Choose Fiber Optic Connectors, 1991
• Editorials, Fiber optic Product News, March 1991 & May 1991
• Testing Article, Connector Technology, 9/91.
• Business Article, Electrical Contractor, 10/91.
• "Seven Questions for Choosing Fiber Optic Training: a Guide to Getting the Most from Your Investment," Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Date Unknown.
•"Great News for Fiber Optic Lans: Part 1-the Small Form Factor Connector", Electrical Contractor, Two Parts, Date Unknown.
• "Eleven Factors Favor Fiber to the Desk," Fiber optic Product News, Date Unknown.
• "The Electrician's 10 Minute Guide to Fiber Optic Installation," 2002
• "Watching Fiber Optics Is Like Being on the Beach, Fiber optic Product News, Date Unknown.
• "Reduced Installation Costs Can Result in Increased Legal Costs," Fiber optic Product News, 11/98, P. 4.
• Presentations at the Newport Conference on Fiber Optic Markets, Kessler Marketing Intelligence, 10/1986, 10/1989, 10/1999, Newport RI.
• Presentation at the Corning Premises Conference, 10/12/00, Wilmington, NC
• "Twisted Pair Is Dead!", Fiber-Optic Product News, Date Unknown.
• Understanding & Using Fiber Optics in Data Communications, 351 Pages, 1990, + 2 Revisions
• Fiber Optics in Data Communications, 351 Pages, 1991
• The Executives Overview & Introduction to Fiber Optic Communications, 55 Pages, 1992
• How to Design Fiber Optic Systems, 53 Pages, 1992
• Choosing & Using Fiber Optic Cables, 66 Pages, 1992
• Choosing & Using Fiber Optic Connection Mechanisms, 75 Pages, 1992
• Hands-on Fiber Optics, 333 Pages, 1992
• Fiber Optic Troubleshooting, 150 Pages, 1993
• Fiber Optic Network Design, 1994, + 2 Revisions
• Fiber Optic Network Installation, 1994, + 4 Revisions
• The Complete Guide to Fiber Optic Cable System Installation, 222 Pages, 1997, Delmar Publishing

Trade Journals Publishing Mr. Pearson's Articles:

• Fiber Optics Product News
• Lightwave
• Cabling Installation & Maintenance
• Communications Week
• Sound & Video Contractor

• R.E.P.
• Lan Magazine
• Data Communications
• Connection Technology

• Atlantic Tech
• Electrical Contractor
• Interconnection
• Broadcast Engineering

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