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'Eye On Fiber' Newsletter

Fiber Optic Newsletter

These articles will help you understand fiber optics and use this exciting technology more effectively and at reduced cost. Take advantage of our 32 years in this powerful and useful technology.

Our free newsletter addresses the practical aspects of fiber optic design and installation. We pass on what we learn, including design tips, installation tips, independent product evaluations, troubleshooting techniques, and recommendations for improvements in procedures.

Eye on Fiber, Vol. 1, Issue 1:

The 6 Subtleties of Accurate Singlemode Testing
Unstable Test Measurements? Don't Blame the Test Equipment!
A Personal Perspective: Concern for the Future
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Eye on Fiber, Vol. 1, Issue 2:

How to Test Installed Links According to TIA/EIA-568 B.1 & B.3
Evaluation of the Panduit Pre-Polished SC Connector
The Proof Is in: Test Data Prove the Value of a Precision Cleaver
a Pearson Personal Perspective: Will Fiber Miss the Data Networks Boat?
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Eye on Fiber, Vol. 2, Issue 1:

Full Evaluation of the Panduit Prepolished SC Connector
Pay Less & Spend More: the Lesson of Total Hardware Cost
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Eye on Fiber, Vol. 2, Issue 2:

Part 1: Which Connector Installation Method to Use? the Qualitative Answer: It Depends
Part 2: Connector Installation Cost Model: a Strategy for Profitability
Part 3: How to Avoid Cursing at Cursers: an Introduction to Interpretation of OTDR Traces
Part 4: Fiber Optic Connector Update: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
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The Pearson Perspective, Vol. 3, Issue 2:

the Demise of Field Connector Installation
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