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Some of these articles are controversial. Some of these articles show that commonly held perceptions are incorrect. Periodically, we write for trade journals, magazines, and make presentations.

Myths, Realities, Advantages, Overviews:

The Novice 10-Minute Introduction to Fiber Optics
Myths and Reality Fiber Vs Copper

Network Design:

Designing Fiber Optic Networks
Improving Fiber Network Reliability Through Choice of Certification Strategy (This is a PowerPoint Presentation. Request a copy by email.)

Fiber to the Desk:

The Simple Method To Justify FTTD


Seven Questions for Choosing Fiber Optic Training
Four Part Salesperson Training Increases Sales


Trade Magazine Insults Professional Fiber Optic Installers
Black Lies White Lies And Statistical Lies


Ignorance Is Bliss Comments On Standards
How to Comply With TIA EIA 568 B 1 and B 3 When Testing Insertion Loss

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