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Technical Services

Fiber Optic Technical Services


PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES has no vested interests or relationships with any manufacturer. Because we have maintained this independent position for 38 years, we are able to make unbiased recommendations. We provide our clients with the information and the recommendations that are best for our clients, not best for PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES. Because of this independence, you can be certain that we will make recommendations that are in your best interests, not those of PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES.

Frequently, we are asked to perform an action that will not let our client achieve his goal. In this situation, we recommend against that action, even if our recommendation reduces our charges to our client. A frequent quote often heard in our offices is: "I will be glad to spend your money, but I do not believe that this expense will help you achieve your objective." No client has persisted after we have explained our reasons for this statement.

Comprehensive Experience

Broad experience in fibers, cables, connectors, optoelectronics, installation methods and practices, testing, and practical, cost-effective solutions.

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Splicing & Testing Services Available

Installation Services

We made our first fusion splice in 1978 and installed our first connector in 1982. Since that time, we have performed installations for many organizations, such as the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the Los Angeles Department of Power and Water, Mitsubishi Motor Corp., Callaway Gardens, Hughes Electronics, Paramount Studios, Union Oil, Turner Broadcasting, and Houston Lighting & Power. This wide variety of experience enables our installation of almost any connector and cable system in most locations. There are few fiber network cable and connector products with which we have not worked. Services include mid-span and pigtail splicing and fusion and mechanical splicing.

Network Testing Services

With multiple wavelength test equipment for both multimode and single-mode fiber, we test and certify installed networks for maximum reliability. We perform all testing according to industry standards. Call (678) 619-0656 to find out how our testing will verify proper and reliable installation. Testing services include:

• OTDR Testing
• Reflectance Testing
• Link Certification
• Insertion Loss Testing
• Optical Return Loss (ORL) Testing

Technical Services

Network Design

PEARSON TECHNOLOGIES has been the prime designer of networks and systems and a review designer for hundreds more. We have designed data networks, video transmission systems, PTL video systems, process control systems, multifunctional networks, and WDM links. Call us for details of how you will benefit from this wide experience.

Product Design, Manufacturing Process, & Equipment Design

We have designed many products and processes, including: handling equipment, fiber production equipment, fiber cable processing lines, curing ovens, facilities, and clean room facilities. Call (678) 619-0656 to learn how our design capabilities and experience can improve your product design or manufacturing lines.

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